6 Gifts Box

6 Gifts Box

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Choose any 6 gifts to fill your gift box + 2 FREE gift options

  • 7th Heaven Face Mask

    Choice of 7th Heaven Face Masks.

  • Tea Tree Nose Strips

    Tea tree deep cleansing nose pore strips with skin calming witch hazel by Beauty Formulas

  • Foot Pumice and Butter Duo

    7th Heaven Foot pumice and foot butter duo. Removes hard dead skin and deep moisturises.

  • Fresh Feet Cream Talc

    Fresh feet cooling deodorising cream talc by 7th Heaven.

  • Fairtrade Tea

    Choice of Fairtrade tea.

  • PG Tips Tea

    PG Tips tea bags signature taste

  • Marmite Portions

    Marmite yeast extract portions. Vegetarian.

  • Cadbury Hot Chocolate

    Cadbury Instant Hot Chocolate sachet gift. Just stir in hot water.

  • Galaxy Hot Chocolate

    Galaxy Instant Hot Chocolate sachet gift. Just stir in hot water.

  • Nescafé Gold Oat Latte (V)

    Non-dairy oat latte made with Arabica and Robusta beans and oat.

  • Teddy with Keychain

    Teddy with keychain. Randomly selected colour depending on stock availability.

  • Jet Fighter Flying Glider

    These assorted self-assembled foam plane gliders are great fun for kids (or adults) to play with.

  • Neon Pink Headband

    Sports Stretch Headband in Neon Pink. This fashion hair accessory is also perfect for keeping hair out of your face.

  • Pair of Reusable Straws

    Pair of Reusable Straws. Long lasting alternative to plastic straws. Assorted colours.

  • Cute But Abusive Stickers

    Cute But Abusive Goose, Guinea Pig, Cat, Dog Vinyl Sticker Set.

  • Horror Cats Sticker Set

    Horror films reimagined with a feline twist vinyl sticker set.

  • Oh For Fox Sake Sticker Set

    Convey how you're feeling with this adorable little fox sticker set.

  • Roarsome Stickers

    Roarsome dinosaurs stickers set pack of 4

  • Social Anxiety Stickers

    Social anxiety stickers set pack of 4

  • Fresh Mint Tic Tacs (v)

    Tic Tac Fresh Mint provides little moments of refreshment in a convenient pack with the recognisable Tic Tac rattle.

  • Lime & Orange Tic Tacs (v)

    Tic Tacs lime & orange provide little moments of refreshment in a convenient pack with the recognisable Tic Tac rattle.

  • Dip Dab Sherbert Dip

    Dip Dab lemon flavour sherbert dip with a strawberry flavour lolly.

  • Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles (V)

    Rowntrees Fruit Pastilles. Can you resist the chew? Vegan.

  • Fizz Wiz Popping Candy

    Fizz Wiz Popping Candy. Super loud popping action. Strawberry flavour.

  • Giant Love Hearts (V)

    Fizzy & crunchy Love Hearts sweets. Vegan.

  • Cat Pin

    Funny cat pin cleaning its vitals! Pin to clothing and bags.

  • Daisy Pin

    Dainty daisy pin for clothing and bags

  • Frog Pin

    Cute little frog pin for clothing and bags

  • Ghost Pin

    Happy little ghost pin for clothing and bags

  • Poison Pin

    Poison max strength pin for clothing and bags

  • Rainbow Cat Pin

    Happy multicoloured cat pin for clothing and bags

  • Social Anxiety Pin

    Social Anxiety pin Let them know with an eye catching pin

  • Wish I wasn't Here Pin

    Wish I wasnt here pin "Hello I'm Wishing I wasn't here"

  • Fuck Off Pin

    Fuck Off pin Curse a rainbow pin for clothing and bags

  • Bus Wanker Pin

    Bus wanker pin enamel pin for clothing and bags

  • Smiley Face Iron On

    Smiley face iron on old skool acid face

  • Skeleton Iron-On

    Skeleton hand iron-on Flip them the bird in style

  • Oh For Fox Sake Badge Pack

    Comical collection of Oh For Fox Sake badge pack of 4.

  • Bake The World Badge Pack

    Bake The World Badge Pack of 4. Make a statement badges.

  • Psycho Penguin Badge Pack

    Psycho Penguin button badges pack of 4.

  • Rainbow Pride Badge Pack

    Rainbow Pride Button Badge Pack of 4.

  • Vegan Badge Pack

    Eat more veg. My kind of pig in a blanket. My kind of beef wellington. I am not bacon.

  • Vegan Pic'n'Mix Sweets

    Includes vegan sweets, sweets, sweets and sweets.

  • Pic'n'Mix Sweets

    Pic'n'Mix includes sweets, sweets sweets and sweets.

  • Vaseline Lip Therapy

    Choice of Vaseline Lip Therapy 20g.

  • Sea Salt Body Scrub

    Sea Salt Body Scrub Vegan 50g.

  • S.O.S. Hangover Sheet Mask vegan

    S.O.S. Hangover Sheet Mask vegan.

  • S.O.S. Hangover Eye Mask vegan

    S.O.S. Hangover Eye Mask vegan.

  • Girls Night In Chill Glow Sheet Mask Vegan

    Girls Night In Chill Glow Sheet Mask Vegan.

  • Revitalising Coconut Water Foot Pack

    Revitalising Coconut Water Foot Pack.

  • Greeting Card

    Choice of Greeting Card.

  • Message in a Bottle

    Message in a bottle.

  • Nomo Bar

    Nomo Vegan & Free From chocolate bar.

  • 2 x Highlighter Pens

    2 x Highlighter Pen gifts. Randomly selected colours.

  • Yankee Candle

    Yankee candle gift in various scents.

  • Durex Single

    Durex single gift.

  • Carabiner Clips x 2

    Carabiner clips x 2.

  • Handmade Keyring

    Handmade keyring gift.

  • Sugar Scrub

    Sugar scrub various scents.

  • Perfumed Soap

    Perfumed soap various scents.

  • Bath Bomb

    Bath bombs in various scents.

  • Soaps

    Perfumed soaps in various scents.

Treat Size Tangfastics (V) £0.00 Treat Size Starmix (V) £0.00 2 x Chupa Chups Mini (V) £0.00 Lotus Caramel Biscuit (V) £0.00 Eye Mask £0.00 Transfers £0.00
Treat Size Tangfastics (V) £0.00 Treat Size Starmix (V) £0.00 2 x Chupa Chups Mini (V) £0.00 Lotus Caramel Biscuit (V) £0.00 Gift five £0.00 Gift six £0.00

In stock



Build your own letterbox gift box for someone special. Choose 6 gifts from the options, choose 2 free gifts and once you have paid we will get to work in building your gift box and send it to your chosen recipient.  Orders before 3pm will be sent first class. However, due to circumstances out of our control, delivery could take slightly longer.

Additional information

7th Heaven Face Mask

7th Heaven Masks

Argon Oil Mask, Blackhead Mask for Men, Blemish Clay Mask, Charcoal Mask, Dead Sea Mask, Cucumber Mask, Passion Mask

Fairtrade Tea

Assort Fairtrade Tea

Camomile Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Peppermint Tea, Red Berries Tea

Vaseline Lip Therapy

Vaseline Assort

Original, Aloe, Cocoa Butter, Rosy Lips

Greeting Card

Card Assorted

Lady Bird, Bird, Harbour, Beach, Dog, Duck, Stretching Duck, Flower

Message in a Bottle


Happy Birthday!!, Love You 2 The Moon And Back!!, Will You Marry Me?, Best Brother Ever!!, Best Sister Ever!!, Get Well Soon, Best Friends Forever, Will You Be My Bridesmaid, I Love You xx, Happy Anniversary

Nomo Bar

Nomo Flavour

Caramel Choc, Chocolate & Sea Salt

Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle

Fresh Cut Roses, Soft Blanket, Sparkling Cinnamon, Holiday Hearth, Bora Bora Shores, Spiced Orange, Home Sweet Home, Cinnamon Stick, Midsummer Night, Beach Escape, Mango Peach Salsa, Wedding Day, Pink Sands

Sugar Scrub

Sugar scrub

Honey, Raspberry, Strawberry

Perfumed Soap

Perfumed soap

Lady Million, Lady Jean Paul Gaultier, Fresh Cut Grass

Bath Bomb

Bath bomb

Lavender Bear, Strawberry Heart, Raspberry Heart, Marzipan Granade, I ❤️ u



Snow Fairy Paw (Red), Snow Fairy Paw (Yellow), Snow Fairy Paw (Blue), Peppermint Animals (Royal), Peppermint Animals (Gold), Peppermint Animals (Grey), Floral Butterfly & Caterpillar, Floral Bee & Snail, Floral Ladybug & Flower, Floral Honeycomb Bee, Floral Butterfly & Bee, Starfish Seaspray


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